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The bend it... cut it... heat it... you can even stamp in it... plastic
from Cathy Daulman

'funtustic' is now firmly established in the world craft market as an ideal medium for stamped articles and embellishments. It is washable and virtually unbreakable. It can be bent, cut or punched even after you have heated it and it is so easy to work... without the mess or the scattering of embossing powder!

Used in making jewellery, small books or boxes, card embellishments and the like, the stamped 'funtustic' can be cut and decorated with all sorts of colours and rub and buff techniques, and it weighs almost nothing.

The process is so simple.

Cut your 'funtustic' sheet slightly bigger than the size you want (remember that it will distort slightly), and place it on a heat-reflecting surface like aluminium foil.
Heat it closely for about 2 minutes with a good heat gun or until the edges start to melt, and then firmly push a well-inked stamp into the soft 'funtustic' before it cools.
Leave it to cool, remove your stamp and decorate. It's as easy as that.
Remember that the bigger the size of 'funtustic' that you use, the longer it will need under your heat gun to soften. Many of Cathy's stamp designs were created with 'funtustic' very much in mind.

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1 pack 'funtustic' @ AUD 9.60

For quantity or wholesale queries, e-Mail Cathy
One pack contains 2 sheets of 'funtustic', each approximately 125 x 270mm (about 5 x 11 inches) and 1.4mm thick.
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